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. we can start with a question that this morning larry made the comment that it has casted a long shadow on the future. my guess is in your projections, it will be interesting to hear your assumptions of our potential and how it's being estimated in your forecast. >> so relative to the projections of output that we had made in 2007. i wasn't at cbo at the time. but the projections the cbo had in 2007, we have now marked down our projection of outputs by a little more than 7%. this is a point that larry and others have noted. of that reduction of more than 7%, we attribute a little less than 2% directly to the deep recession and slowry coverry. so we think there's a one and three quarter percentage point reduction in output coming from the persistent effects on the lay bar market, particularly the effects of elevated levels of long-term unemployment in pushing people out of work and discouraging them from looking for work have from the procession and also on productivity. that's 1.75 percentage points. the remainder, more than five percentage points of output comes in our assessmen
. and thank you very much to christine and to larry for unviolating me to the center -- inviting me to the center. for more than half a century, conservative critics housing in think tanks, foundations and the media have championed the cause of conservative college students who they say suffer on college campuses. in books with such titles as "free fall of the american university" and "tenured radicals," critics charge that american higher education has become the playpen of liberal, if not radical faculty, and that in the classrooms of the university, middle of road students consume their professors' misinformation. liberal students are smug and feeling that they're on the righteous side of politics, and conservative students have to to decide whether to endure their professors' tirades quietly or voice their outrage, running the rusk of sacrificing their grades -- risk of sacrificing their grades. now, to mitigate the effects of the leftist campus, organizations have been put in place. david horowitz, for instance, has introduced the academic bill of rights to legally protect stud
't been there but 22 years or something like that. >> guest: right. c-span: larry king started it all in 1978 on a national basis that's not discussed in your book and i wonder--that's a community. we all--we have all formed communities where people are involved, albeit in--in many cases, alone. >> guest: sure. c-span: but they're talking to a community. what im--wh--what impact has that had on this, you know--and is the water cooler thing better for us as a country or worse for us, that we all watch the same thing and talk about it the next day? >> guest: well, if we actually did talk about it with people we--we--in a--in a face-to-face setting in which we really know one another, it would be fine. i don't see anything--there's anyt--you know, nothing bad about talking about "survivor" anymore than talking about the--you know, the local bond issue or whatever else you talk about with friends. i do think the face-to-face connections are really important; that is, i don't doubt for a second that--i know this from my own experience that your viewers feel that they have a kind of a perso
. >> host: varies up next elkhart indiana republicrepublic an caller. thanks for hanging on the line larry, go ahead. >> caller: we just had an accident in the south in indiana where gentleman driving a car was high on marijuana. do they have the same responses as a bartender selling somebody out golf? >> guest: yeah, you make a really good point eco-'s this is all brand-new territory and local law enforcement in colorado is trying to figure it out. if we stop the guy who we think is driving hide the only way you can find out the thc content in someone's blood is through a blood test. are we going to say we have consent to a blood test? the legal ramifications as you suggest can be almost infinite. if the guy is using thc and it's determined that he caused this accident or maybe even killed somebody on the highway, who then backwards in the food chain is responsible? a bartender, a guy is using a straight over-the-counter and walks out and kill somebody there is some responsibility back that way. on the other hand you are not going to go back to a liquor store and say you sold this guy a b
. national judge advocate mike dobmayer of north dark, i am mode i can't think past national commander larry palzine of california. chief of staff raymond hutchinson of ohio and my love of my life wick he vick and my son james and his wife rhonda. one man -- [applause] one man who for the first time in decade is not the at table with us today is art wilson. he retired in 2013 after a 47-year career serving as dav's superbly effective chief executive officer and national adjutant. art's departure after such a long ands distinguished term wil clearly leave a void the dav has selected an able, experienced, executive in mark burgess as our new ceo and national adjutant. while the dav national executive committee please stand and be recognized. [applause] while the members of the national legislative interim committee also please stand. [applause] and i'd also like to recognize the entire dav delegation from my home state of ohio. please stand. [applause] i've already submitted for the record my written testimony. detailing a number of concerns and ideas for your information and consideration. so
to syria and iran? >> great question. i am always larry to apply reagan also with the iraq war. what he had invaded? iran as a really good example june 2009 and the iranian streets first erupted and abominate merely week carter like statements even the democrats were astounded. he could have made stronger statements but reagan probably would have treated i really like solidarity in poland. a the people who want freedom, who one liberty, we stand at your side and support you. you have got the support of the united states. obama was not saying things like that at first initially. you don't have to aid the i rigi and freedom fighters -- i read the and just like they did not give missiles for tanks but lane reagan was doing solidarity day solidarity week solidarity month making statements we are with you people of poland that was extremely powerful and invigorating and obama should do that because we thought we were "the shining" city on the hill. so reagan conveyed that message as he played it as a captive people behind the iron curtain to proclaim to the captives. >> regarding immigration ref
statements. larry silverman is secretary of state for near eastern affairs. mr. silverman was helpful in prepping me and senator king to go do the visit to lebanon last week. he's been director of israel and palestinian affairs for the department of state and also served as vice president biden's assistant in russia. he focused on issues relating to the middle east, served as special adviser to bill burns. and, will silverman, glad to have you with us. we are also pleased to be joined by major general mike plane who's the principle director in the office of secretary of defense for policy, helping to execute national security strategy for 15 middle east nations including lebanon. of and we're happy of to have him with us today. with those introductions, i'd like to ask mr. silverman first to offer your testimony. we accept your written testimony into the record. try to summarize within five minutes, then general plane, and then we'll get into question and answer. >> thank you very much, chairman cain, and thank you for -- kaine, and thank you for inviting me to testify on the situatio
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7